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March 4, 2010

Quilts for my kids

With having so many children, quilting for kids is quite a tall order. I still owe 3.25 quilts to my kids. lol How does that work right? Well the .25 is a quilt that is in need of binding, since it just came off the quilt frame yesterday. Today though, I will show you 2 of the quilts I’ve made for my precious babies. 🙂
This first one is a quilt I made a year ago for our youngest son, Ziggy. I am pleased with this one because it used to be a completely different project that I had abandoned. Since the colors were boyish, and I had accidentally found out I was having a boy, I dug it out and salvaged it. I am proud to say that I purchased nothing to finish this quilt. It was completely from my stash!

Zig's Pinwheels Quilt

This is the quilt I made for Ziggy when he was born. It was completely from my stash!

This next quilt is Sophie’s. I fell in love with the kit when we visited a quilt shop in Salmon Arm, BC. The fabrics are from Michael MIller’s Dick and Jane line.
Sophie's Dick and Jane quilt

This is Sophie.

This is Sophie.

The back of Sophie's Quilt.

The back of Sophie's Quilt.

I made the back of this one out of all kinds of scraps I had. Another successful stash reduction. I like the back almost as much as I like the front!

Quilters Daily Blog AlongHave you made any quilts for kids? I’d love to hear about them, or better yet, even see them! Blog about your quilts for kids and come share your blog url over at Quilters Daily. Michele Foster has already shared her quilts for kids, so pop on over and take a peek. Super cute!

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PS. Scoot on over to my website and buy the pattern for Ziggy’s Pinwheels, it’s perfect for beginners, and you can whip it up in no time flat!

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December 17, 2009

Input Needed! Wee Play Pinwheels under construction!

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Zigs Pinwheels Quilt plus Moda Wee Play Today I am looking for feedback. You don’t need to be a quilter. You don’t need to an expert. You just need to have an opinion and the ability to type. 🙂

I have been planning a Ziggy’s Pinwheels Quilt and I want to do it with Moda’s Wee Play collection. (ok ok, there is some peas and carrots in there too, just in case Charlie is reading :P) What I need YOUR help with is the color layout.

Have a look at the following four blocks and please vote in the comments.  I’d also like your opinion on the sashing. Soooooo here goes……

Thanks for leaving your vote for the blocks, and the sashing color you think would be best. I’m looking forward to hearing all your opinions!!

On Friday December 18 the author added:

PS. Looks like we’re getting a lot of different opinions now! I’ll keep the voting open until Saturday at midnight. Make sure to come back on Sunday to find out:
A)The winning block,
B) What I’m going to do with this quilt kit 🙂 and…..

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