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March 17, 2010

My Oldest Work In Progress

Today’s Quilters Daily Post is about your oldest Work In Progress Quilt. Julie shared hers first, and I really had to look hard for mine! It was really buried!! My oldest WIP has got to be this bargello kit. I’ve had it since Christmas of 2007. So far I’ve put in about two hours per year. If I keep it up, in 15 years, I’ll have a gorgeous new quilt!

WIP Lightning Strikes Bargello

These are the remaining strips to be put together. See that swatch page? Really glad I made that!

A strip set from the Lightning Strikes Bargello.

20 fabrics make up this beautiful queen size quilt. (Just pretend it's nicely pressed OK?) The kit contained 17 meters of fabric! That's a lot of seams people!

Lightning Strike Bargello Quilt

This is the pattern for these fabrics. My kit is not so floral, but a lot more asian fabrics.

I am really hoping to get this one finished really soon! I’m hoping Matt will quilt his awesome feathers all over it, and we’ve talked about it a few times but still no decision. I guess we’ll see when it’s all finished.

Speaking of Matty and quilting, did you know that Matt is giving away TWO long arm quilting gift certificates? and that each one is worth $200?! WOW!! You have two ways to enter:
1)Visit Manquilter to find out what you have to do.
2) Visit QuiltersDaily and Blog Along with us! That’s it. That’s all! Sew Easy!

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

How To Blog Along

    Pick a daily topic from Quilters Daily.
    Blog your response to the topic.
    Put the Quilters Daily button on your blog and link back to Quilters Daily.
    Go back to QD and leave a comment with your blog URL.
    Do it NOW!! You could win BIG!

    Oh! and Kate Spain is giving away some pretties over on her blog too. Tell her Bradie sent you. (Just kidding, I’m trying to feel important. :P)

    PS! Julie is having a giveaway too! More Moda baby!

March 10, 2010

Storing Works In Progress

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Today’s question on Quilter’s Daily was How do you store your Works In Progress?
Here’s a few pics of mine….

Storage bins for WIP

I choose to use shoe box containers with lids for my WIP. I have a bad habit of cramming other 'stuff' into bins, so a lid is good for keeping out the riff raff!

The bird cage where I keep soon to be used precuts.

In an attempt to protect my precuts from unneccessary abuse, I keep them in a pretty little bird cage where they get to be the showcase.... until I chop them all up!

These are my bins for storing fabric.

These wire bins are for my yardage, all arranged by collection and project.

This is a side view of the wire bins.

This bin is full of 'next on my list' projects. Notice the French General Rouenneries right at the front?

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

How do you like to store your WIP? Come visit Quilters Daily to share your ideas, and see what other quilters are doing!

Quilty Hugs,

March 3, 2010

A Quilty Kind of WIP

My red and white quilt.

This is my messy studio table with piles of the red and white quilt.


This is your little peek at my red and white quilt. I planned the design for this one a while ago, but got busy with several other things. Now I am determined to get it finished ASAP! I nearly stayed up last night to finish, but decided it was better to start fresh today rather than make stupid mistakes. I have three rows left to put together, then attaching the nine rows. This is a big accomplishment for me, because I NEVER do scrappy type quilts. Seriously, I pick a line of fabric and I make a quilt. So all these fat quarters came from a fabric exchange I did over at Quilting Friends a couple of years ago. I really wanted to put them all together in one project so I kept them together and waited for inspiration. Finally…. it arrived!

Now that I’m nearly finished this quilt, I am planning to use the pattern again and make another one of Rural Jardin. I think I may need a French General intervention cause it’s getting a little obsessive. I can hardly wait for the Christmas line to come out!

Quilters Daily Blog AlongIn other really exciting news, Julie Herman has joined us as a blogger over at Quilter’s Daily. If you stalk follow Julie like I do, then you know how talented and fun she is. I am totally thrilled to have her working on the site with us. Make sure you get on over there, and tell her how much you love her latest quilt. WIP is Julie’s creation and she will be sharing her Work in Progress with us each Wednesday, motivating the rest of us to share our WIPs too. So open up your dusty ol’ blog, grab the camera and take some pics of YOUR WIP and blog it BABY!

Quilty Hugs,


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