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April 19, 2010

Make Life Layer Cake Giveaway!!!

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Guess what? guess what!! I have just finished up a project using Make Life by Sweetwater, and I’m sooooo thrilled with how it turned out! I wish I could show you, but you will just have to wait! For what you ask? For the summer edition of Quiltposium magazine! Have you heard of it? Get this… it’s online, and it’s FREE! How could you possibly beat that! So be sure to go sign up, you don’t want to miss out on a fabulous free pattern do you? 😉

In other news, my Matty comes home tonight!! YAY!! There are 9 very happy people in my house today. 😀 So I feel a little like celebrating!!

make life layer cake

Want it? I know you do....

and to celebrate, I’m going to give away one of these! Here’s the deal…

1) Subscribe to my blog and leave me a comment. Super simple right?!

Want more chances at this yummy stack o cottony goodness? You can also….
2) Follow me on Twitter, and tweet about the giveaway! Remember to include @quiltcetera in your tweet, then leave another comment.
3) Join my fan page, A Quilty Kind of Girl on Facebook, and come back to leave a comment.
4) Sign up for Quiltposium Magazine, then return to leave yet another comment.
5) Blog about the contest, and again….. COMMENT!

Remember! Leave a seperate comment for each entry and only comments here on the blog post will count as entries. Contest closes Monday April 26, at midnight MST. Winner to be announced the following day.

February 9, 2010

Moda love in a Box

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I was putting some small people down for a nap today, when I heard a rumbly sound. I peeked out the window with fingers crossed hoping, hoping… and there it was. The UPS truck. Quickly, quickly down the stairs I ran and waited for the bell, which he did not ring, he simply placed the box and off he went. As soon as he was down the walk, I pulled that front door open. A little excited? Yes, for sure. I tore that box wide open and dumped it upside down.  A big, big pile of moda love was inside, moda love just for me. Jelly rolls, charm packs, a yard of this, a few of that, and yards and yards of jumbo rick rack (3 colors!!) to boot. Yes, more fun and exciting projects are in the works, and soon, so very soon, I will share them with you.

In other exciting news, My Matty worked very hard ALL day, touching up my website and blog. What do you think of the new banner? Matt does all the webworks here, and he really does a fantastic job. I am so happy, I’m clapping right now. So hard to type when I do that. 🙂

I will leave you with one little peek of a project I am working on. This Snowflake Table Runner will be donated to the school where my younger kids go. It is made of Moda’s Holly Taylor Frosted Memories line. What do you think of the snowflakes?

Snowflake Table Runner

Snowflake Table Runner

Remember to enter A Quilty Kind of GIveaway while you’re here, time is running out, contest closes Wednesday!

Quilty Hugs,


January 28, 2010

Modern Siggy Blocks

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Modern Siggy Block Swap As you can see, I’ve done all the cutting and marking for my Modern Siggy Block Swap fabrics. Now when I run away head off to retreat this weekend, I just have to stitch them, sign them and post them when I get home. The fabrics are Posh and Boutique, both by Chez Moi

( yes, of course they are moda. Funny you should ask!)

Quilty Hugs,


December 18, 2009

Oh la la!! Le Rouenneries sont arrivés!!

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Rouenneries for moda by French General

Rouenneries for moda by French General

Look what was sitting on my kitchen table yesterday when I got home!! I ordered these from ebay, and they got here super quick!! I order them from a seller named Karen, whom I would highly recommend. Super friendly emails, and extremely prompt service. PLUS she was kind enough to stuff a kazillion yards of fabric in a tiny little envelope to save me money on shipping. Awesome right? 🙂

This is what I am going to do with these gorgeous, yummy cotton bits….

Fit For a Queen - A Quilty Kind of Girl Designs

Fit For a Queen - A Quilty Kind of Girl Designs

Although it will have to go on a waiting list. I am putting my foot down (to myself) and finishing up at LEAST one UFO before starting ANOTHER new one. Maybe.

In the meantime, enjoy the view….

Now while you are here, make sure you vote on yesterday’s post! Cast your vote for your favorite block, then come back on Sunday to see the winner and find out just what I will be doing with it!

December 17, 2009

Input Needed! Wee Play Pinwheels under construction!

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Zigs Pinwheels Quilt plus Moda Wee Play Today I am looking for feedback. You don’t need to be a quilter. You don’t need to an expert. You just need to have an opinion and the ability to type. 🙂

I have been planning a Ziggy’s Pinwheels Quilt and I want to do it with Moda’s Wee Play collection. (ok ok, there is some peas and carrots in there too, just in case Charlie is reading :P) What I need YOUR help with is the color layout.

Have a look at the following four blocks and please vote in the comments.  I’d also like your opinion on the sashing. Soooooo here goes……

Thanks for leaving your vote for the blocks, and the sashing color you think would be best. I’m looking forward to hearing all your opinions!!

On Friday December 18 the author added:

PS. Looks like we’re getting a lot of different opinions now! I’ll keep the voting open until Saturday at midnight. Make sure to come back on Sunday to find out:
A)The winning block,
B) What I’m going to do with this quilt kit 🙂 and…..

November 30, 2009

Adding Fabrics to Quilt Pro

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The first time I tried Quilt Pro, I confidently took pictures of some of my favorite fabrics. I downloaded them onto my macbook, and put them into the fabric library of Quilt Pro. At this point I excitedly open the blocks I was working on and….  rather than go into details (where I may be forced to use foul language) I will simply say, it did not turn out as planned.

Flash forward to present day. I’ve recently had some positive experience with designing quilts. I’m noticing though, the fabrics in the library are nothing current. Being a total moda freak, I went straight to unitednotions.com to see what I could find. I started out here:

Northern Solitude Listings moda.com

On this page, I click on EACH listing to find a slightly larger image. I would then drag the image to my Northern Solitude folder which can then be saved straight into Quilt Pro. After saving the entire collection, I was able to design the quilt Country Corral.

A couple of days later, I was browsing modafabrics.com . This time I was looking for the beautiful French General line called Rouenneries. I have another design floating around my brain, and I NEED these fabrics. Look what I found….

Moda's Rouenneries designed by Kaari Meng

Any guesses about those little dots? hmmmm? anyone?

Fabric Swatch ModaLook at the brown dot…. download into your favorite quilt program?!!! WHAT?


Dear Moda,


Love Bradie

October 26, 2009

Our Family Masterpiece – The Sparrow Tree

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I’m pretty excited about this one. Actually I still can’t quite believe it is finished. After many late nights, and after finally recruiting help from our oldest daughter Landen, and Matt, the piecing of the top was finished. Matt chose the perfect backing fabric ( moda of course, but I haven’t got a picture so I’ll have to show ya later….) Then My awesome wonderful Matty did a fabulous job with the quilting, which we followed up with an all night binding session. The next morning, our family quilt was hung at our guild quilt show.

The center block you see was hand stitched entirely by our daughter Landen.  Matty did the borders and the flange, plus the quilting. This quilt would not have been finished in time for the show without them. Thank you Matt and Landen! You both did a wonderful job, I’m so very grateful for your help with our quilt.

September 17, 2009

Moda’s Greenpiece – 2009 BOM – Block One

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As you can see from the following pictures, I was pretty damn excited to get sewing on this project. Is it crazy to think I may just get it finished for mid October? Maybe me and coffee could get really tight, my house could get really messy, and I could get get er’ done!! Positive thinking right?

Greepiece by Moda Fabrics

Greepiece by Moda Fabrics

It is not a small project, but the instructions include great tips for making things quicker. I made four flying geese units in a single leap last night and I must admit…. I totally loved it! So accurate, very quick, yup , it’s for sure. I’m a complete and total quilting nerd.

Greenpiece Block One

Greenpiece Block One

These are the fabrics for the first ‘month’ of blocks and a little sneak peek of what the blocks will look like.. This block of the month program has 10 months of pieced blocks, plus the wool applique blocks, and the pieced border. It is a stunner!

Moda Greenpiece Block One

Moda Greenpiece Block One

Aren’t they purty? They went together quick and easy too. I’m sure if I do a ‘month’ or 2 each day, then I can whip this quilt off in no time at all.

A little more about this kit…..

The 2009 Block of the Month program was revealed at Spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It can be found at many online quilt shops such as:

The Fat Quarter Shop

The Thrifty Needle

The Quilt Shoppe

The quilt can be made with or without the wool applique blocks. There is also an embroidery option if the applique isn’t your taste. The kit includes many beautiful moda fabric collections such as: Vine Creek, Essential Dots, Collections for a Cause, Blessings, Close to my Heart, and Aster Manor.

Be sure to subscribe to my blog, so you don’t miss a single update on the progress of this fabulous quilt! You can do so by clicking the little orange button near the top of thispage, on the left hand side.

Would you like to be on my blogroll? No problem!! First, add this blog address to your blogroll, then leave the url in the comments section. I would be happy to put your blog in my list!

September 15, 2009

How could I miss it?!

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I don’t know when it came. Maybe yesterday sometime between Millennium deliveries, kids coming/ going and various other excitements.I don’t know if they knocked, rang, or just placed it and left. What I do know, is that I marched right past it this morning on our way to school. I even glanced at it, thinking, “Must be a box from the APQS. I’ll grab it later…”

So I must admit that I was a bit reluctant to believe Matty when he said it had arrived.  Cuz SOMETIMES he likes to tell stories. Just sayin’. If you were in the chat room this afternoon, you’ll know how excited I was when I finally clued in. The package that I have been anticipating since April had. finally. arrived.

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