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January 25, 2012

The Finished Valentine’s Table Runner

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Today, I am grounded. To my bed. Being 35.5 weeks pregnant with Babe #10 and having contractions all day yesterday, and overnight got me here.
So of course I am bored outta my mind.

Which makes this the perfect opportunity to share my little Valentine’s Table Runner with you all! The first one I made was on an impulse I had. There was a muslin quilt sandwich on the Lenni frame and I just began slapping patches down and stitching to experiment with piecing a quilt on the long arm. Within minutes, I had this:


It was awesome! Quilted as I went too. It took a little bit of playing around to get it right, but I was loving the results. Next I added some borders…


And then I thought it needed a little something else. So I cut out a bunch of wee hearts, and slapped those on top, and stitched them down…


In total, with very little forethought and zero planning, my wee quilt took two hours! I was totally hooked!


This also got my Matty pretty excited, and he quickly planned a live tutorial which we hosted two days later. I made the second one bigger, and used appliqué shapes cut with our Go cutter from the Rose of Sharon die. I tell you, when I’ve had this baby, I’ll be doing a lot more piecing projects on the long arm! It is so fast and easy!

We did record the making of the second runner, so if you are interested, you may view it here:
Two Hour Valentine’s Table Runner Tutorial.

This project could also be done by domestic machine, and I hope to whip up that tutorial soon as well. If you feel that you could whip it up sans directions (it IS super simple) here are the deets…

Finished Size 41X22 inches.

This project can be made scrappy. If you have lots of 2.5 or 5 inch strips, they can be used! I will show how to join them as we go.

Entire project, including attaching binding will be demonstrated on the longarm frame. Once we are finished you will only need to trim away excess batt and backing, then stitch binding to back.

9 X (5 inch squares)
4 X (2.5 inch x wof) strips
2 X (5 inch x wof) strips

8 X (3 in squares)

Backing and batting
30+ in by 45 in

3 X (2.5 X WOF strips)

This is the second runner finished, (aside from stitching the binding that is)

Still on the frame:


All trimmed up:


Well that’s all for today… Would love to hear your thoughts on my cutesy wee runners! 🙂 time for this lil Mama to have a snooze, all this laying around is making me tired! LOL

Quilty Hugs,

January 15, 2012

Two Hour Valentine’s Runner Tutorial Announcement – Today!

Hi all!
Just a quick little post to announce I will be having a live tutorial about how to piece a quilt on a longarm today.


This is my Two Hour Valentine’s Table Runner. I will broadcast live at 11am PST with a tutorial on how to make it. (of course this can also be done with your domestic machine as well!) I hope you will tune in to watch and learn!
Here is where you can find us…
See you there!

Quilty Hugs,

PS. While you are here be sure to enter my Accuquilt GO cutter giveaway below… Good luck!

January 11, 2012

Not completely my Finish…

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Today’s finish isn’t exactly my own. It is a beautiful sampler from a client in PEI who shipped three gorgeous quilts to us for long arming. Since I did the quilting, I am going to throw this in as a finish. Keeps the motivation up, you know?? 😉


Here is peek at the whole quilt. I quite like the colors and all the blocks. The blocks below were two that I really liked. You can also see the quilting design quite well in these.



This is the back of the quilt.


I have another pretty sampler quilt on the frame for tomorrow. I’m really liking these pantograph quilts, they FINISH up so fast!!

What have you been finishing? Any freshly done quilts you’d like to share? Leave your links in the comments so we can all stop by for a peek at your UFO’s …finished!

Quilty hugs,

November 20, 2011

Seizing the Opportunity

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I am so happy to have this piece quilted, I just had to come a blog about it! I pieced these jelly roll strips together quite a while ago, and they have been patiently waiting to become a diaper bag ever since. 🙂

I was at the studio today and about to leave when my sister called. She had to drop something off and would be over in half an hour….

Suddenly I realized, I had a few minutes to waste! I seized the opportunity and loaded this little piece on the frame.

Quick and easy was my plan, so this is what I quilted…


Twenty minutes later I was done! Hopefully the actual bag construction will go quickly too. 🙂

Quilty hugs,

April 4, 2011

This is my girl.

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This is my girl. Let’s call her TS. Isn’t she a beauty?
My kid. :)
She is immeasurably talented. The kind of natural artist, who can pick up a pencil, and draw pretty much anything. She like to pretend she’s shy. We know that’s not true though.
Shy Ty.
She took a class. It was called ZenSuedle Wholecloth. The idea is to design a wholecloth using a freeform type of design. The drawing is done first, traced onto fabric, and stitched. This is my girl’s design.
ZenSuedle Design by TS.
TS takes art in high school. Her most recent assignment was a self portrait, to be drawn from a photograph. This is what she came up with.
Self Portrait of TS
So proud of you TS. You are a beautiful, fantastically talented young woman. I am proud to have you as a daughter, and am so excited to see you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Love you honey.

February 17, 2011

The Sparrow Studioz Grand Opening days have arrived!

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Sparrow Studioz is thrilled to announce our Quilt Gallery Grand Opening!
Featuring quilts from local and international artists, our opening show consists of over 80 quilts.

Join us at 9532-87 St. Edmonton Alberta on:
Friday Feb 18 7-9 pm
Saturday Feb 19 10-8
and Sunday Feb 20 10-5.

We will display quilts from Peggy Bass, Dana Lynch, Shirley Way, Peggy Fleet, Mary Holdgrafer, Margo Fiddes, Joan Smith, and Kim Caskey. You do not want to miss this glorious and varied display of quilts.

The longarm quilters of Sparrow Studioz are offering a One Penny Meander sale.

Just when you thought you couldn’t afford to have your quilts professional finished, Sparrow Studioz goes and launches an unheard of sale on longarm quilting services. Choose from a variety of all-over designs to finish your quilts. One Penny per square inch! So gather those unfinished tops from your closet, head on over to the grand opening sale at Sparrow Studioz Quilting & Gallery this Friday, Saturday and Sunday and get ready to attach the binding baby. We are only accepting the first 30 quilts, so you better hurry. Sale starts at 7pm Friday the 18th.

Have you finished you Windowpanes quilts? Get those pictures up to the Windowpanes Flickr group to qualify for awesomely quilty prizes like $50 from Fat Quarter Shop. You can only win if you finish, sew get busy quilters!

January 10, 2011

The Sparrow Studioz Newsletter now Available

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Hello my Quilty Friends!
It’s short and sweet today… after a lot of computer and internet type stuff, editing websites, building newsletters, etc… Matty and I are very excited to announce the launch of the very first Sparrow Studioz newsletter! You can see the website Sparrow Studioz Quilting and Gallery, plus sign up for the newsletter by visiting SparrowStudioz.com.
We can’t wit to hear your thoughts!
Quilty Hugs,
PS Cookbook winners will be available tomorrow…. I can’t stay up a second longer! lol

October 15, 2010

What’s REALLY been going on….

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Hello my quilty friends!
I am a little surprised at how loooong it has been since I posted last, BUT I must insist it has been with very good reason. You see, my Matty, has been sooooo busy with so many exciting things, there has been no time for blogging! Luckily though, we’ve had the camera close by to document everything that is going on. So here’s the run down…
Sept 24-25 was The Creative Stitches Show in Calgary.
Oct 1-2 was The Creative Stitches Show in Edmonton.
Oct 7 The paperwork was finalized to lease OUR NEW SHOP and STUDIO!!
So needless to say, that began a frenzy of activity which has resulted in Matt moving, painting, steam cleaning, and scrubbing a 3000 square foot space to prepare it for his new long arm quilting studio, showroom, and class space. He has two APQS quilting machines of his own set up, plus 2 very good friends will also keep their long arm machines there. Even with FOUR machines set up, there is still LOADS of room. I’m fairly certain that *whispers* a QUILT SHOP will soon sneak it’s way in there too!!

Here are a few pics of our progress so far….

This is little ole’ pregnant me standing in the middle of the HUGE space.
Matty unlocking the door….
Not For Lease anymore….
Bwahahaha! It’s MINE! All mine…
View from the front with Matty’s ManQuilter sign.
The new paint colors, (Summer resort and red-violet), plus a peek at the frosting on the windows.

So between all of that and all the fabric shopping I have been doing, there has been very little time for blogging! But I PROMISE there are many new posts coming soon! Fun stuff like pics of all my recent splurges, some GO! cutter action, and some Christmas projects I hope to start any day. One of them is this cute little kit at Fat Quarter Shop that I bought for my Mini Quilters. I’m certain they have asked to start it every. single. day. since it arrived in the mail. I guess that’s my fault for telling them about it!! LOL Oh well, we can’t go stifling their quilty enthusiasm can we?

Big Pregnant Quilty Hugs,

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