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February 21, 2012

Our new little bundle

Have you ever had a day that felt like you got nothing done? That is how yesterday began for me. I was up and at it, hair and make up done, ready to spend a wonderful Family Day with my shorties. By 10 am I was totally spent, and collapsed on the couch for a two hour nap.
I woke briefly at 1230 and made my way upstairs for a quick washroom break which I followed by falling into bed for another 3 hours. I literally could not even force myself to do a thing!
At 330 I finally shook it off and joined my sweet family downstairs for a mid afternoon snack. The teenagers teased me that I only came down because I could smell the nachos and cheese. What can I say?? A nine month pregnant Mama and food are pretty good friends, I am eating for 2 remember?

I must admit, I was caught by surprise at 4 pm when my water broke. I was so happy and relieved that I immediately rushed to my Matty to share the news. He was easily as excited as I, and we were in the car and arriving at hospital by 430.

Long story short, the wee man was born at 807 pm, weighing 7 lbs 15 oz, our biggest baby ever! Now since you’ve been so patient, I will end my story with these…

There’s Daddy holding the newest wee man.

Mama and Babes are tired after a busy afternoon.

Chubs is not too sure that he likes this ‘outside’ stuff.

Nighty night my Quilty friends… We’re heading back to bed. 🙂

Quilty hugs,

May 24, 2011

Little Baby Booties

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<table><tr><td>If you have any babies, one thing you’ve likely noticed is how FREEZING cold their wee feet ALWAYS are. I decided to make my wee Chayle some booties to keep his little toesies nice and toasty.</td></tr>


<tr><td>It seemed like a lot of pieces for some little booties! I used a pattern from an Amy Butler book called Little Stitches for Little Ones. (Such a beautiful book… I highly recommend it!) The cutting took about an hour. For this job I used my good old vintage scissors which I had just dug out from storage. Those good ole’ scissors were still sharp as can be!</td></tr>


<tr><td>The stitching of the booties did not take long at all. I’d say these booties took about three hours in total. Not to bad, I say!</td></tr>



<tr><td>Next time, I’m planning to make a few pairs at once. This pattern comes in several sizes, and I just love the way they fit, and stay on his wee feet. I have never found a pair of store bought booties that stay on like these little suckers!<br>The fabric in these bootie is nuts and robolts. The black contrast fabric is plain muslin. <br>What do you think? Would you make these for the wee one in your life? Maybe with a matching little quilt?? </td></tr></table>

March 3, 2011

Bracelets, quilts and a little man.

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I can’t wait to write about the studioz and how exciting things have been. Hugs to you all, Bradie
I took a beading class last week. Joan Smith, taught a bracelet class called Sparkling Swarkovski Crystals and it is just so pretty, I couldn’t resist. Our two oldest daughters came with me too, and we all had a lot of fun beading. I’m sure Joan did most of my bracelet, as I had brought Baby Boy Sucky Face with me. Of course he wanted to be cuddled the whole evening. 🙂 I’ll be sure to get some pics this week, I need to get that camera battery charged!
While the girls and I were beading the night away, Big Daddy was at home overseeing the little ones. It turns out, that Zigs was due for a haircut, so Daddy got to work.
There was no other choice. It was all or nothing.
Here is the wee man after. It took him a few days to realize his long hair was gone but it has made him suddenly seem so BIG. My little baby Zigs has turned into a big boy. Now onto POTTY TRAINING! YIPEEEEE!
On the quilty front, I’ve gotten a lot done lately. I’ve made progress on a hand project, the wool applique runner I showed you all before. I’m now up to 8 finished stars, officially past half way!! haha. I’ve got a Whirly Wheels almost finished, in Thimbleberries Play Date Fabrics. I’m loving how it looks. Plus I just longarmed my last Windowpanes quilt, squared it up, and the binding is ready to go on. I’m feeling really productive!

November 8, 2010

Welcome to The World Wee Man

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Announcing the arrival of our newest little man…
Matthew Chayle Sparrow
Born 2:05 pm, Saturday, November 6, 2010.

Matthew Chayle Sparrow 5 Lbs 10 ozs

ManQuilter and the Newest MiniManQuilter

Daddy, Momma, and Baby

Proud Momma and New Baby

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