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January 31, 2012

Something new

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So I caved. I began something new. In preparation for baby’s birth and the quiet hours I will have at the hospital, I did all the prep for a needle turn appliqué project. This is my first try, and so far… Not too bad.


I was a little challenged at the deep inner curve on the other side of the leaf you see there in the picture, but I’m hoping it gets better with practice… Anybody know?? Or have awesome tutorials they’d be willing to share?

To stay with my FINISH theme , I am also bringing my grape colored scarf, a knitting project I began ages ago. Just for a little variety you know? 🙂

Thinking baby won’t be much longer now, and will be sure to post pics once the wee one arrives.

Quilty Hugs,

March 2, 2010

Are You Ready For Advanced Level Home Sewing?

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Matt and I are very proud to be your Official Canadian Retailer for Celebrity Bags CD by Christopher Nejman.

Are You Ready For Advanced Level Home Sewing?

Have you ever marveled at some of the high end bags you see in the upscale department stores? You know the bags celebrities sport?

Christopher Nejman, one of the world’s most innovative and inspirational fiber artists presents you with the perfect solution. A CD Sewing book with the Methods and Construction Techniques to make high end designer bags.

With these easy to follow step by step lessons, your friends are sure to ask…

‘Where did you buy that bag’?


January 31, 2010

The Fabulous Twitter Knit Along

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I am so in over my head. What was I thinking? Trying to be one of the cool kids maybe? I don’t know but I’m committed so here it goes. I’ve joined the first ever Twitter Knit Along. Hosted by Spazzy Amber, ( on etsy too )this group of knitters will work together on a beautiful lacy knitted shawl. The challenge began on Wednesday and wraps up February 17. 3 weeks. LOL THREE WEEKS? I must be crazy.

Hope fully this weekend, I will get a few minutes to spend on this. I’ll have a few experienced knitters around, so hopefully one of them will do it for me, help me because I am a total knitting rookie.

Yarn choices for TwitKAL

Yarn choices for TwitKAL

This shawl pattern is called Traveling Woman and it can be found on Ravelry.com. What do you think of the colors? Would you go with grape? or cherry red? I may just have to make two!

Quilty, Knitty Hugs,


January 25, 2010

And now for something completely different

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Five years ago, when I was preggers with Tashy, I picked up crocheting and knitting. With the pending arrival of a new babe, I whipped up a sweet little crib blanket in greens and yellows. Then I went on to knit a small newborn size hat, a couple pairs of mitts, and some matching winter caps with cute little kitty ears. Then suddenly, the yarn bug left me as suddenly as it had arrived. This was also about the time I discovered quilting, so now that I think about it…. it’s all making sense.

Flash forward to this past Christmas. I spot the newest Crochet today magazine at the grocery store with the CUTEST little monkeys on the front. Since my Tashy is a big fan of monkeys, the magazine came home with me. I haven’t gotten to the monkeys just yet as I don’t have the right colors, but I do have loads of a bright fuschia pink. So I jumped into making a mini sweater wrap for Sophie. I thought I would make it big, a size 4, as she is 2 and who knows when I’ll actually finish! Surprisingly though, I’ve been kicking butt and here I am about half way through it. ( It really is a simple pattern. 😛 )

Mini Sweater Wrap

Since I’ve been making such speedy progress, I thought I’d better try it on her and see how the size is. Anybody see where this is going yet? 🙂 You guessed it! Mommy made a mini sweater wrap for Sophie’s dolly! LOL My stitches are so small and tight, it is about half the size it should be!! So kids, my advice to you is don’t take shortcuts! Make the little swatch they recommend at the beginning of the pattern. For if you don’t, you’ll wish you had!

Quilty Hugs,


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