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July 20, 2010

Coming Soon!!

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Summer Star Sampler Block 5

Summer Star Sampler Block 5

Hello my Quilty Friends!
As you can see from the picture, I have almost got everything ready for this week’s tutorial. Tune back in at 5 pm and you will find the instructions for week three of the summer star sampler quilt along! Thanks for your patience. 🙂

Quilty Hugs,

March 26, 2010

Easter Mini Quilt Along – Day Four

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Yay! It’s time to stitch down our applique! Now I did promise you I would return with instructions on how to blanket stitch your applique. All I’m going to say about THAT is…. don’t ask. k? 🙂 It turns out, that straight stitching around all of our appliques shapes is going to be just as AWESOME! (and much much easier!)

So first of all, put your regular presser foot on your sewing machine. If you have a clear applique foot, that is your best option. You should not use the quarter inch foot, as the guide will rub on your shapes, and irritate you by lifting the shapes off the fabric. Not good. Now, choose threads that will go with your letters, eggs, and bunny. I used a chocolate brown to match Mr.Bunny, and variegated reddish pink for the rest. Here are a few little tips:
1) Sew very slowly. You want your stitches to stay on the applique, not fall off the edge. The shapes are small and there are lots of curves. When you need to turn or pivot the fabric, leave the needle down in the fabric, lift the presser foot, and turn the fabric just enough to make the next stitch. You may feel as though you are crawling. It’s ok! It will be worth it. 🙂
2) When I begin stitching, I do not snip the threads. After each shape, I flip the quilt and pull the top thread to the back side and tie a note with the bobbin thread. This prevents the applique stitches from falling out later.
3) Put a new needle in your machine before beginning. It’s nice to have a good sharp needle to penetrate the extra layer of fusible web between the fabrics.

I think you are all set to go… so here are some pictures….

Hoppy Easter!

The Easter Mini Quilt, all ready for applique stitching! YAY!

Stitching the bunny applique.

When stitching applique, I always start with my needle down. Since he is so small, I will only take one stitch at a time. As the shape curves, leave your needle down in the fabric, lift your presser foot and turn your fabric slightly to keep the stitching line inside the applique.

Applique Eggs

Now I have changed to a variegated thread and will stitch the eggs in the way I did the bunny.

The eggs finished.

Here's a look at the eggs with the top stitching finished.

Letters appliqued.

The letters were done the same way as the other appliques.

The stitching on Mr. Bunny.

Look at his cutie little tail!

So as always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to send me an email : bradie at quiltcetera dot com , or leave a comment, and I’ll get back to ASAP! Have pics to share yet? Come and join the flickr group!
I can’t wait to see what you’ve made! I’ll be trying hard to quilt mine this weekend, but we’ll see how that works out. It’s going to be busy around her, but that’s pretty typical for a family of ten! Enjoy your weekend my quilty friends!

And just for fun, here are some pics of the babes….

Checking out sissies raisins.

Hmmmmm. I wonder if I could snag her raisins too?

Taking a peek at big bro's raisins.

Hey. I think he has more than me!

The pout.

Don't they know I'm the BABY?!

Quilty Hugs,

March 18, 2010

An update on thread weights and seam allowance

Thanks to all of you who took time to comment and contact me regarding thread weights and piecing! It seems that quilters have many ways of making their own piecing successful. I heard so many ideas and suggestions, I just had to post again and share some of them with everyone.

Anne Walker pointed out that she uses a straight stitch plate when piecing.


This type of sewing machine plate is exclusively for sewing straight lines.


This plate could be used for straight stitch or zig zag, due to the rectangular shaped opening for the needle.

Anne had an excellent point about moving the needle position. When using a straight stitch plate, the needle must make it’s descent into a small hole. Therefore one must be very cautious about moving the needle position. If the needle were moved to much, it would impact with the needle plate, causing the needle to break and potentially injure you. As you can see from the second picture of a needle plate, it has a wider opening, to allow the needle to move right or left when stitching a zig zag, or other decorative stitch. So if you need to adjust your needle position quite a bit, you would be wise to stick with the second type of needle plate.

Now that you have the low down on needle plate safety, I want to share an idea for using 40 wt thread for piecing. One quilter mention that she prefers to use 40 wt as it is a very sturdy thread. If you find that 40 wt is the thread you love and have the most of in your stash, then try adjusting your needle position to allow more room for the thicker thread within the seam allowance. Sew out some sample seams, press them open and measure the fabric to make sure the thread doesn’t steal valuable space within the seam. Adjust your needle and gauge your presser foot accordingly to come out with an accurate 1/4 inch each and every time you are using a different weight thread for piecing. Make a note of the adjustments you need to make for all your favorite threads. This is a handy trick for quilters that like to match their thread color to the fabric they are piecing. After all, who’s only got one kind of thread in their stash? Not me!

Also remember that accurate pressing helps your measurements stay on track. If you haven’t pressed the fold in the fabric entirely open, then you will certainly see a shortage in your measurements.

Have you seen today’s prompt on Quilter’s Daily? How do you plan to celebrate National Quilting Day? This Saturday, my friend Christine and her family will be joining us for a BBQ! Although as I peek out the window, I’m hoping the snow that’s falling will quickly melt before Saturday! If not, we’ll just have to find another way to grill those steaks! I’m fairly certain I’ll get some stitching time in, as I have two quilts with deadlines on my agenda. One is pretty easy, the other… not so much! LOL But a challenge is always a good thing. I hope you enjoy your National Quilting Day, whether you are stitching or shopping, either sounds like great fun to me!

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

QuiltersDaily Blog-Along

Don’t forget to Blog Along with us! It’s a lot of fun, and it will get you a chance at winning $200 in long arm quilting services! What a prize!!

Quilty Hugs,

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February 19, 2010

Giveaway Update

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A quick little giveaway update….

Rhonda, I am in the Park today, Look for goodies in the mailbox or on the step or somewhere in the front vicinty of your home. I promise not to throw it from the curb. 🙂

To Barb, I will send your pattern in the mail TODAY. or maybe tomorrow.

Patricia, It sounds like I will meet you at guild next month, but I can mail it if you prefer.

Tammy, I have not heard from you….

Now onto something TOTALLY different…. Rhonda has made a suggestion that we organize our own Siggy Block exchange. This is a fun exchange where you make up a certain number of blocks, add your signature, mail them to the host. Host then sorts the blocks and sends back a block from each participant. You can then sew them together, hide them in your closet, pin them on your design wall… whatever. The possiblities are endless. So, let’s take a vote. If you are interested, leave me a comment. Even just one word, like “yes” or ” sure” or “rucrazy?udon’thavetimeforanotherproject”

Quilty Hugs,


December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Quilters!!

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Merry Christmas!!

I originally planned on starting A Quilty Kind of Giveaway today.  However, with Christmas only seconds away, I realized that most of you wouldn’t have time to enter. So, instead, the contest will begin shortly after Christmas, once everyone has a little more time to participate.

Wishing you the Best of the Holidays!!

December 20, 2009

The Results are in!!

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Thank you to everyone who voted on the Wee Play Pinwheels blocks! It was loads of fun reading all the comments! If ou voted for more than one block, I only counted your first vote for the actual results. There was a clear winner with 23 votes and here it is…..

BLOCK ONE Zigs Pinwheels Orange Red Multi


Isn’t it cute?! 🙂 I simply love these fabrics, and I have made several quilts with them already. That is why I am going to GIVEAWAY one of these quilt kits to one lucky reader!!! On Wednesday, I will post the contest, and rules, and how many hoops you have to jump through to win. OK just kidding, no hoops, but you will have opportunities to increase your chances. 🙂 So be here or be square on Wednesday to find out all the deets.

Want to see what I did yesterday? Yesterday was the big Aurifil Suitcase giveaway, and there was a big party in Second Life! It was beautiful! Look at this…..

It was so much fun!! Matt was giving ‘tours’ and he even filmed the winner announcements! It was an early Christmas for those lucky people! Look at the group shot! Matt was the only one looking, I’m there in blue holding a coffee, Jackie is sitting on the crate, Alex Veronelli is looking over his shoulder and Pat Sloan is standing in the front with Marianne Goarin. Even my kids look at the camera better than this bunch!

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