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November 20, 2011

Seizing the Opportunity

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I am so happy to have this piece quilted, I just had to come a blog about it! I pieced these jelly roll strips together quite a while ago, and they have been patiently waiting to become a diaper bag ever since. 🙂

I was at the studio today and about to leave when my sister called. She had to drop something off and would be over in half an hour….

Suddenly I realized, I had a few minutes to waste! I seized the opportunity and loaded this little piece on the frame.

Quick and easy was my plan, so this is what I quilted…


Twenty minutes later I was done! Hopefully the actual bag construction will go quickly too. 🙂

Quilty hugs,

November 12, 2011

A Fun Indulgence

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A couple of Saturdays ago, Matty and I were at the Studio and he impulsively says “Let’s go for a drive!”. The next thing I know, we are on the other side of the city, heading into a quilt shop. I had no issues with that destination at all! The shop was Quiltessentials in St Albert and they claim to carry the biggest selection of precuts in Western Canada. I am sure that Moda would be proud, because they really do have A LOT of precuts!

The picture shows the goodies we escaped with, though I’m confident we could have done WAY more damage. Oh well, maybe next time. 😉

Quilty Hugs,

August 10, 2011

All Puzzled Quilt

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A few months ago, a client brought in a laundry basket full of fabric. Some was still yardage, a lot was already cut into patches, ready for piecing. Her request was for this fabric to become a quilt. The woman had helped her MIL choose these fabrics for a quilt to be made for her husband (son of MIL). Sadly, her MIL had passed away shortly after beginning the project, leaving hundreds of half square triangles behind. I looked over the pattern quickly, saw that it was a lap quilt, approx. 48 by 60. I told her no problem, I would finish it up.

All puzzled quilt in progress.

After looking things over, I noticed there was no picture of the final quilt. Luckily, the quilter had made six blocks to completion and pieced them all together with the proper layout. This was very helpful, otherwise I would have been LOST! It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had WAY more fabric than I needed. In fact, it looked like twice as much. After I did some quick counting of the cut patches, I realized this was no lap quilt. MIL had intended to double the size of the quilt! After a quick phone call to the client, it was resolved. She was knee deep in bedroom renovations, and this quilt was to be the base for all the new color choices. I gave her an ETA and went off on a piecing spree.

It’s a bit of a struggle to pick up someone else’s work and carry on, but perseverance paid off, and last night, I finally finished the body of the quilt.

All Puzzled sans borders.

I am very happy with how it turned out! Next, onto borders, quilting, and binding. The end is in sight. 🙂

Quilty Hugs,


July 29, 2011

The Queen and her Court

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I am sorting and cleaning my sewing room. One project is this gorgeous quilt kit, untouched, and uncut. It’s one that am considering selling as I have sew much fabric and not enough time to stich it all. Anyone interested in buying? I paid $350 for the whole meal deal, and it’s a queen size quilt. Leave me a comment if you are interested. Shipping will be on the pricey size, it’s a biggie.

May 26, 2011

A Bargello in progress

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So I’ve been making this bargello quilt. For, um, like a really long time. You know, same old story.. start with HUGE enthusiasm!! Cut up all your fabric. Then throw it in a corner cuz you’ve shopped for something new a fabulous. Fast forward one year. Muster up HUGE enthusiasm!! Sew together a bunch of strips…. Fast forward one year….

Here you see the gorgeous Bargello strips sewn together.

The strip sets for the Bargello, here I am beginning to make my sub cuts.

Now this Bargello is getting somewhere!

I just love this Bargello quilt!!

One third of the Bargello, down the left side of the quilt.

Of course I haven’t touched it since but really, it’s only another few years until it’s complete!
Would you tackle this lovely piece of work??

May 24, 2011

Little Baby Booties

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<table><tr><td>If you have any babies, one thing you’ve likely noticed is how FREEZING cold their wee feet ALWAYS are. I decided to make my wee Chayle some booties to keep his little toesies nice and toasty.</td></tr>


<tr><td>It seemed like a lot of pieces for some little booties! I used a pattern from an Amy Butler book called Little Stitches for Little Ones. (Such a beautiful book… I highly recommend it!) The cutting took about an hour. For this job I used my good old vintage scissors which I had just dug out from storage. Those good ole’ scissors were still sharp as can be!</td></tr>


<tr><td>The stitching of the booties did not take long at all. I’d say these booties took about three hours in total. Not to bad, I say!</td></tr>



<tr><td>Next time, I’m planning to make a few pairs at once. This pattern comes in several sizes, and I just love the way they fit, and stay on his wee feet. I have never found a pair of store bought booties that stay on like these little suckers!<br>The fabric in these bootie is nuts and robolts. The black contrast fabric is plain muslin. <br>What do you think? Would you make these for the wee one in your life? Maybe with a matching little quilt?? </td></tr></table>

May 10, 2011

Making a Pointed Tip Dresden Plate

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Hey there Quilters!
So here we are with Post #2, in a series of blog posts about my experiences with an Accuquilt GO! cutter.
Post #1showed the use of the GO! cutter for Dresden Plate pieces.This time, I want to show you how I assembled the dresden plate petals before joining them together. Since I wanted to get moving quickly on this project, I chose the pointed tip pieces. These can easily be done by machine, which as we all know… is quicker!I’m assuming you have a basic knowledge of the Go! and how it works. If you don’t, please visit Accuquilt.Com to learn more about the Go! cutter.
For this step, I used only Dresden Plate petals with the squared top edge. These will make the Dresden Plate with pointy tips.

A pretty little selection of petals all ready to become plates!

Let’s begin with one petal, and how to make it pointy. 🙂
Fold the petal in half, lengthwise, with the right sides of the fabric facing each other. Be sure to pin it so it can’t wiggle around too much.
Here is the little petal after it’s been stitched.
Press the seam open and your little petal will flip around to the right side with a nice and pointy tip..
Grab that little seam and flip it over top of the petal to get the wrong sides of fabric together.
The right side of the petal.
I wanted to make sure the folds on each side of the petal were consistent. Fold the entire petal in half lengthwise, and finger press to create a light crease.
Line up the seam with the finger crease you’ve just made. Then press the top in place to make a crisp, pointy tip on your petal.
First finished petal!
Repeat as many times as needed!Next time I will show you how I put them together and appliqued them to the background fabric. We will have a quilt in no time at all.
Quilty Hugs,

April 11, 2011

Ready, set, GO!

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Hello! Welcome to the first in a series of posts about my experiences with the Accuquilt Go! Cutter. About six months ago, I received a Go! cutter from Accuquilt, to play with and review. I really wanted to use the cutter for a project that seemed daunting without it. In all honesty, I would never put in the hours needed for a Dresden Plate quilt. The templates, round cutting, and lack of consistency were big deterrents for me. I thought it was a great choice for my first Go! project.
I’m assuming you have a basic knowledge of the Go! and how it works. If you don’t, please visit Accuquilt.Com to learn more about the Go! cutter. Let’s take a peek at how to use the cutter, k?
This is the first die I chose to play with. It is the Dresden Plate and includes the option of round or pointed petals, as well as the center circle.

Accuquilt Go Cutter Dresden Plate

I was really excited to cut into my collection of Moda 1933 fabrics. They seemed like just the right choice for this project.

Moda Reproduction Fabric

Many of my online friends reminded me to mark the die with sharpie marker to improve the visibility of sharp blade edges. I think this is an excellent idea and highly recommend taking the time to do it. The edges of the dies are very sharp, and must be handled with the utmost care, just as you would your rotary cutter.
In order to make the best use of your fabric, you need to do a little bit of pre-cutting. It is tempting to lay large pieces over the entire die, but it would be very wasteful. I cut the following strips in a variety of fabrics:
center circles – 5 inch strips,
pointed petals – 6.5 inch strips,
round petals – 6 inches.
The instructions for this die recommended 6 layers of fabric. Being a bit of an independent thinker, I decided to try 8. In this picture you see my layers ready to roll on through the cutter.

Go Cutter Die loaded with fabric and ready to roll on through!

Don’t forget to place the cutting mat on top of your fabric….
Look at that!! Within seconds (literally, seconds) I have cut out dozens of each shape.
THIS, however, was the result of my greediness. Definitely salvageable, but time consuming. All further cuts were a max of six layers. Lesson learned.
Ahhhh. The end result of cutting. Perfect and precisely cut dresden plate petals.
I couldn’t help but lay them out right away to see how they look…
What do you think?

April 4, 2011

This is my girl.

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This is my girl. Let’s call her TS. Isn’t she a beauty?
My kid. :)
She is immeasurably talented. The kind of natural artist, who can pick up a pencil, and draw pretty much anything. She like to pretend she’s shy. We know that’s not true though.
Shy Ty.
She took a class. It was called ZenSuedle Wholecloth. The idea is to design a wholecloth using a freeform type of design. The drawing is done first, traced onto fabric, and stitched. This is my girl’s design.
ZenSuedle Design by TS.
TS takes art in high school. Her most recent assignment was a self portrait, to be drawn from a photograph. This is what she came up with.
Self Portrait of TS
So proud of you TS. You are a beautiful, fantastically talented young woman. I am proud to have you as a daughter, and am so excited to see you become the artist you’ve always wanted to be. Love you honey.

March 3, 2011

Bracelets, quilts and a little man.

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I can’t wait to write about the studioz and how exciting things have been. Hugs to you all, Bradie
I took a beading class last week. Joan Smith, taught a bracelet class called Sparkling Swarkovski Crystals and it is just so pretty, I couldn’t resist. Our two oldest daughters came with me too, and we all had a lot of fun beading. I’m sure Joan did most of my bracelet, as I had brought Baby Boy Sucky Face with me. Of course he wanted to be cuddled the whole evening. 🙂 I’ll be sure to get some pics this week, I need to get that camera battery charged!
While the girls and I were beading the night away, Big Daddy was at home overseeing the little ones. It turns out, that Zigs was due for a haircut, so Daddy got to work.
There was no other choice. It was all or nothing.
Here is the wee man after. It took him a few days to realize his long hair was gone but it has made him suddenly seem so BIG. My little baby Zigs has turned into a big boy. Now onto POTTY TRAINING! YIPEEEEE!
On the quilty front, I’ve gotten a lot done lately. I’ve made progress on a hand project, the wool applique runner I showed you all before. I’m now up to 8 finished stars, officially past half way!! haha. I’ve got a Whirly Wheels almost finished, in Thimbleberries Play Date Fabrics. I’m loving how it looks. Plus I just longarmed my last Windowpanes quilt, squared it up, and the binding is ready to go on. I’m feeling really productive!
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